Welcome to the mini-hub of all kinds of non-academical things I find interesting!

  • To begin with, you can check a small travel report about my trip to Chernobyl (August 2015).
  • Here I keep a (non-exclusive) list of books I like.
  • Recently I wrote a small manual on good LaTeX habits which I try to follow... and would be glad to have followed it from the very beginning of my LaTeX experiments, since it would save me time and nerves!
  • I would also like to share a nice picture from a CSA 2019 conference in Norway, which I especially like.
  • Photo of me and Irene Tubikanec from the Archives of the Mathematisches Forschungsinstitute Oberwolfach.

As a bonus, I proudly share with you the photos of my two cats: Rudy (residing with me in France) and Morpheus (taking care of my family in Kyiv).