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From 2017 PhD student in University of Cergy-Pontoise, France
2016-2017 Master 2 (Statistics) in University of Grenoble Alpes, France
2014-2016 Master's Degree in Mathematics at NTUU "KPI", Ukraine
2015-2016 Exchange semester (Financial Mathematics Master's program) in University of Ulm, Germany
June 2014 Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics at NTUU "KPI", Ukraine

Chosen talks:

April 2019 - Statistical testing of the covariance matrix rank in multidimensional neuronal models, Seminaire du Departament DATA, Grenoble (Slides)
November 2018 - Horizontal gene transfer: numerical comparison between the stochastic and deterministic approach, GdT MathBio, Grenoble (Slides)
September 2018 - Statistical challenges in neuroscience at "Stochastic Equations, Limit Theorems and Statistics of Stochastic Processes", Kiev, Ukraine
June 2018 - "Parametric inference for multidimensional hypoelliptic diffusion" at DynStoch 2018, Porto, Portugal. (Slides)
May 2018 - "Parametric inference for multidimensional hypoelliptic diffusion" at JdS 2018, Paris Saclay, France. (Slides)


December 2018 - Master Class on Ergodicity for stochastic processes, Angers, France
December 2018 - Health Data Challenge: Matrix factorization and deconvolution methods to quantify tumor heterogeneity in cancer research. Aussois, France
July-August 2018 - CEMRACS 2018 (summer school + 5 weeks research session). Numerical and mathematical modeling for biological and medical applications: deterministic, probabilistic and statistical descriptions. Luminy, France
December 2017 - Winter School on Deterministic and Stochastic Models in Neuroscience, Toulouse, France
August 2015 - AACIMP Summer School (Applied Computer Science track), Kiev, Ukraine


V. Calvez, S.F. Iglesias, H. Hivért, S. Méléard, A. Melnykova, S. Nordmann - "Horizontal gene transfer: numerical comparison between stochastic and deterministic approaches" submitted to "ESAIM: Proceedings and surveys"

A. Melnykova - "Parametric inference for multidimensional hypoelliptic ergodic diffusion with full observations" submitted, preprint available on ArXiv